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Posts published in “Snackables”

Should You Open an Etsy Shop?

Online selling doesn’t require a degree. If you’re a creative person, then consider making products that you can sell on websites like Etsy. People buy everything from unique apparel and accessories, to artwork and other items. The Etsy community is supportive of artists and makers, and would much rather purchase unique items from creative people than mass-produced products. The best part is that you can explore your creativity as a side hustle, while you work a day job while growing your small business.

How Do You Retain Talent When Competition is so Fierce?

People are Mission-Driven. If you want good talent to stay at your organization, you need to give them a mission they can believe in. It’s easy for other organizations to attract talent with more money, benefits, and bonus packages. But what they can’t offer them is the feeling they already have about your organization—that takes time to develop.