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How Do You Retain Talent When Competition is so Fierce?

People are Mission-Driven. If you want good talent to stay at your organization, you need to give them a mission they can believe in. It’s easy for other organizations to attract talent with more money, benefits, and bonus packages. But what they can’t offer them is the feeling they already have about your organization—that takes time to develop.

Often, people leave a company because something went wrong. They leave when they no longer feel like they support the culture, mission, values, or operational tactics. So, give your people a mission. Listen to their input to understand what’s important to them. Then, work those ideas into the company’s culture, and find parallels with your company mission.

If you do this properly, then you not only have aligned interests, but you have an emotional connection with the people you work with. Leaving then becomes an emotional decision, rather than just a financial one.

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Dennis Consorte
Dennis Consorte

I work at Consorte Marketing as a fulltime content strategist, digital marketing and operations consultant for a handful of clients. I am also a digital marketing expert at I often build teams to execute on these strategies, and agile frameworks for workflows, inspired by Scrum. I work to improve my leadership and communication skills, including periodically re-centering myself, and helping others to find purpose in their work. Dennis Consorte

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