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How to Uplevel Your Money Mindset Fast – Dr. Amanda Barrientez

How to Uplevel Your Money Mindset Fast – Dr. Amanda Barrientez

Steps to Boost Your Money Mindset

  1. Get clear about what you want
  2. Start taking steps that are aligned
  3. Let the universe bring those things to you
  4. Start shifting your brain away from lack into abundance

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My company is NFA No [ __ ] Around Money. What I do is help entrepreneurs up-level their money mindset. So, the number one thing that most entrepreneurs don’t know is that they get stuck because their mindset is riddled with limiting beliefs, and so they take on all these strategies, and they think that they need to learn more about what they should be doing in their business, and so they spend a lot of money spend a lot of time get a lot of shiny objects in them, but they haven’t stopped to consider what their money beliefs are, and if you don’t do that, everything is a lot harder and so I help entrepreneurs uncover the unconscious blocks that are keeping them from making the money they want to make in their business.

So, could you tell us what your snackable solution is and then just dive right into it.

So, it’s how to uplevel your money mindset fast. The reason this is important is because, it is impossible to get a result that you want to get if you are internally misaligned, and what that means is that, you have competing commitments that I was talking about. These places where your unconscious is battling against your conscience. So you’re saying you want one thing but you’re not getting the results because you’re not taking action, and you’re having limiting beliefs around it, and so you’ve got to start to uplevel your energy, and your frequency, and get really clear about, first, what is it that you want.

So number one, get clear about what you want, and you can do this by starting to follow your places of joy. So, when you wake up in the morning and you do things that are just spontaneously inspired that no one needs to tell you to do, those are clues to where your highest vibrational frequency lives, to where your places that you can attract opportunities your way, because you’re in a state of joy. Joy is a very high frequency and it’s when your mindset is more aligned. You’ll notice this with the things you just love to do. The things that give you energy, the things that bring you more joy, and if you’re in that place more and more and more of the day, life gets so much easier money gets magnetized to you. So, it’s your job to start to discover what it is that you want, then take action in that direction. So do more and more of that every day. Start taking steps that are aligned meaning that you’re like, oh, I want this and I take action for it, and then the third, is, let the universe bring those things to you okay so you don’t need to get stuck in thinking that I need to know out all of the house let’s say you’re just starting a business or you’re just taking on a new project, and you’re at the very first step you don’t need to know the hundredth step the thousandth step you just need to know today’s step take that step from a place of joy take action in the direction and remind yourself that you’ve got to train your brain in the direction of upleveling yourself.

No one’s going to come and do it for you so you get to wake up every day and go okay what are three to five things I can do every day that brings me joy and so I call this an emergency shift list. So you wanna shift your energy you wanna shift your mindset to focus on what it is you wanna create, and then you take action in that direction, and then you watch the universe bring you more and more opportunities. So in an example of myself going from food stamps to six figures. I used to wake up every morning in a place of fear and doubt and uncertainty and panic and that’s all I focused on. So I was in a place of lack and all that I was trying hard trying and I say trying because when you’re trying, you’re struggling so you want to get out of the struggle and you want to start focusing on what it is you’re committed to creating. So instead of waking up in the morning and focusing on, I’m in debt, I don’t know what to do, I’m stuck, I’m scared., I started focusing on one of my favorite money mantras And started saying, I’m a money magnet everything I touch turns to gold, I’m a money magnet everything I touch turns to gold. So when I would find 10 cents on the street I’d be like, I’m a money magnet everything I touch turns to gold. When someone would take me out to dinner, I’m a money magnet everything I touch turns to gold, and then I just started focusing on, okay I see powerful successful people in the world I’m gonna be like that, and I started shifting my brain away from lack into abundance, and I started taking action and then doors of opportunity started to open in my direction.

So it’s your job to uplevel your money mindset on a daily basis and start to change yourself from within. So you get a different result on the outside. So always remember what you focus on expands and your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. So if you don’t like what you’re getting on the outside you’ve got to change what’s within.

They can go youtube I have all kinds of awesome free videos so if they go to youtube and type in nfa money find me there I’m on Instagram nfa money my website is I’ve got so many good things if people want to even uplevel to the next. There’s a free money mindset quiz called, the money blocks profile. So if they go to and then they can take it to the next level, and do a rewrite your money story course. It’s only 97 life-changing people. I do this with all of my clients and it brings a lot of money your way, because you start to bring to your conscious awareness what your money blocks are and where they came from.

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