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How to Half-Retire as a Business Owner – Jim Muehlhausen, CEO of Half-Retire and CEO Focus

How to Half-Retire as a Business Owner – Jim Muehlhausen, CEO of Half-Retire and CEO Focus

How to Retire as a Business Owner

  1. Keep track of what you’re doing. Free up some time.
  2. You can take your business to the next level

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Half retirement’s a great way to ditch the work you don’t like, keep the work you do like, so that you can stay active mentally and physically, but keep your full income. We teach people how to do that.

My snackable solution is, do not settle for hard-earned income. If you are just showing up and doing a job every day and you can’t answer at five o’clock when you knock off or eight o’clock when you knock off, today my business is more valuable than it was yesterday because I did this, this and this. You have wasted a day of your life you’ve made income. But that’s all that you have done and I challenge you to keep track of what you’re doing and see if you can free up some times so that you can take that business to the next level.

I think business owners are busy and to say “Hey! Stop doing what you’re doing.” I have a client that called it changing the tires on a moving bus. And that’s a great analogy. It can be done or you can see the airplanes where they fuel them in mid-air but it’s a good trick and that’s what it’s like for every business owner. They’re busy. And there’s only so much that they can’t quit their day job and turn on the fly. So what we want to do, we’re business owners too, we get it. What we want to do is work with what they have and make these improvements because it’s a snowball.

I promise people we can get four hours in the first month. Never failed. We’ve done much better than that. But everybody has four hours that they can carve out of their calendar that’s half a day a week. So if you’ve got half a day a week and you’re willing to reinvest that in doing the other things that we can do, we can start a pretty positive snowball that will end up, I just got a note from a half retiree that is going in an hour and a half a week still keeping their income, still has a great business, etc.

So you can really do some radical things if you start going from 50 hours to one that’s pretty good. But a lot of people would feel a lot different if they could just take Friday afternoons off and go to the movies or I hear working out, “I’d like to go hiking” or “I’d like to just be able to go to the club without feeling guilty”. You can! It’s my point. You can do that but you’ve got to do it differently than you’re doing it. What you’re doing isn’t going to get you there.

You can go to or any of our websites but you know on I’d recommend they download the blueprint which is a great step-by-step process that they can follow the shortcut. Of course there’s the book. You know, Half-Retire Keep Your Business, Ditch the Stress. You can find that at Amazon or Barnes & Noble or any bookstore.

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