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Should You Offer Volunteer Time Off

Encourage employees to take volunteer time off. I always encourage workers to take time off to volunteer. Human beings need to feel purpose and meaning in the workplace, and in other areas of their lives. When people volunteer for causes that they believe in, they get those needs fulfilled. They feel like they contributed to something bigger than themselves, and therefore feel better about the time they spend on this planet.

Group volunteer events can be good for team building. However, they can also be harmful. If you force your team to volunteer for a cause—especially one that they are apathetic about or disagree with, they will resent you and the company. This can feel like a direct attack on their identity. And, they may be reluctant to voice their concerns out of fear of punishment for non-conformance. So, if you do group volunteer events, be extremely mindful about picking activities that are most likely to be acceptable by people with varying beliefs.

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Dennis Consorte
Dennis Consorte

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