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Hire These Recruiters to Build a Strong Talent Acquisition Team

Hire Influential Recruiters With Shared Connections. If you want access to the best talent, then hire recruiters for your talent acquisition team who already have extensive networks. This is easy to determine on platforms like LinkedIn. Just keep in mind that some people will have low quality connections, so you’ll want to do a qualitative review, too.

Start by checking your shared connections. If many of them are trustworthy people you’ve met in person, then it’s likely that the recruiter has other connections of a similar quality. However, if you notice that most of their connections are hardly connected, or far outside of your geographic region, then it could be a sign that the recruiter isn’t as connected as they appear.

Additionally, look for engagement on their public social media posts. If your recruiter’s content gets lots of likes and comments, then it’s a good sign that people know, like, and trust them.

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Dennis Consorte
Dennis Consorte

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