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How to Make a Training Video for your Remote Team in 5 Minutes

How to Make a Training Video for your Remote Team in Under 5 Minutes
  1. Intro
  2. Define the problem that we’re going to solve
  3. Explain why it’s important to solve this problem
  4. Give clear, actionable steps to solve the problem
  5. State the problem again
  6. Add an outro with a call to action

Hi I’m Dennis Consorte from Consorte Marketing and this is my snackable solution for creating a training video for your remote team. So many of us are working remotely today partly because of government shutdowns due to COVID and partly because technology has just advanced so much that there’s no reason for people to have to spend time commuting back and forth. But this creates new problems and one of those problems is in how we train our teams. If you’ve got a remote team particularly if people are all over the world in different time zones different countries it can be very challenging to coordinate everybody to meet at the same time for a live event on zoom or a phone call or whatever. And the other issue is that when people work remotely oftentimes they’re distracted. After you go through all of this information they still have questions and they want you to repeat the same thing that you just conveyed. I like to avoid all of that. I create video tutorials for my team and I do them in what I would call an evergreen format so that they’re good whether you use them today a week from today or at some point in the future.

When I create these videos I have a very specific format for how I organize them. Okay here’s my desktop and you’ll see I actually have my outline in notepad. You can use any text editor to convey written instructions in your videos or if you want to get fancy you can use Powerpoint or something else.

The first thing I do is I’ll zoom in so that the text is readable and i’ll hide the sharing bar that appears whenever you make these videos. The way I organize them is very simple. I start with an intro. I tell people who I am. Then I define the problem that we’re going to solve. From there I explain why solving that problem is so important and that creates context so that when you convey that information people really understand what you’re trying to achieve. From there I give clear actionable steps to solve the problem. Once that’s done I state the problem one more time because that reinforces that learning. From there I might do an outro at the end where I give some sort of call to action to get more information, and I’m done.

Now that you know how to organize your video it’s time to create one. There are many ways to record your desktop. I’m going to show you one that’s relatively platform agnostic. All you need is the Chrome browser. If you don’t already have Google Chrome installed then go to Google, and search for Chrome browser. Once you have Google Chrome installed you can start adding extensions. The extension we’re going to use is called Awesome Screenshot. There are other great ones too. Loom is a good one. I happen to like this. Don’t click through to their website. Instead click through to the Chrome extension link. Just click “add to Chrome” and you’re done.

If you want the icon to appear permanently then just pin it. Whenever you want to record your desktop, you’re going to open your browser click the icon and you have two choices here. We’re going to record our desktop, so make sure that your microphone is on. You decide if you want to include a video of yourself in the shot or not. Click “start recording.” I’m not going to do it here, but you’ll get another pop-up. I like to record the whole desktop. It just makes the whole thing easier. Just make sure you remove anything that you don’t want your team to see. When you’re done you’re going to click to stop recording. If you happen to hide according bar then you’re going to unhide it and click “stop sharing.” You’re going to get another window. I’m going to drag my video to the other side of the bigger picture.

On this screen you have a few choices. The first thing I do is I download a copy of the video by just clicking this button and saving it to my local computer so that I have a record. Then if I don’t mind the whole world seeing the content that’s in it, I’ll upload it to YouTube. If it needs to stay internal then I’ll upload to Google Drive and i’ll share that file with people on my team. That’s it.

I’m Dennis Consorte. That was my snackable solution for creating a training video for your remote team. If you found this helpful please click the like button. Share this video with your friends and visit If you happen to have digital marketing needs where you want to drive traffic to your website or monetize that traffic please contact me at and i’ll be glad to help.

Snackable Solution provided by Dennis Consorte, Consorte Marketing

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