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How to Create Cohesion Culture at Work and Improve Worker Performance – Dr. Troy Hall

How to Create Cohesion Culture at Work and Improve Worker Performance – Dr. Troy Hall

How to Improve Worker Performance

  1. Greetings
  2. Laughter
  3. Affirmations

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Being an executive coach is really helping people focus on their choices in life, and what they want to do, and what their aspirations dreams, and objectives, where do they want to go, and then helping them get there, and a lot of what makes me a little unique in some of the processes, I really customize everything to the client, but I listen for things that people say and I’m not afraid to challenge them a little bit.

So in this little snackable solution, what I would suggest is that, if you want to determine a little bit about the culture of your organization, it’s an exercise I ask every leader to do for two to three weeks before we come in and do an assessment. It’s part of what is the discovery phase of what I refer to as the collision culture cycle, and in that discovery phase, it’s self-discovery.

Three things that you either look for or listen to and they are greetings, laughter, and affirmations. So in the greeting aspect, you want to see how are people interacting. Do they talk to each other when they come in, do people come in and go directly to the refrigerator and put in their lunch, and then go to their desk. What’s happening and who is actually talking. Is it just the entry-level people and supervisors, and do they mingle together or do they separate themselves?

When I was in Prague with Duke manufacturing they call themselves Team Duke. One of the important things I learned from the leadership of that group was that these greetings from leadership was very important that the employees loved it when the leadership was actually grieving and talking to people, and treating them more than just an object who was creating a transaction for the company, but as a real person and actually created some connection, and that really helps because those greetings help us create belonging, and then the next thing is laughter. Laughter tells us what is the light-hearted temperature within the organization. I ask them to do a scale between one to ten. Tell us where you are if you think your culture is pretty decent. You might rate it an eight-nine or a ten if you think there’s a little bit of opportunity for burnout, you’ve got some stuff happening there.

There are five to seven but if people are late to work absenteeism mistakes are made the individuals are burned out. There are one to four and that will tell you that you definitely need some additional help, and then the last aspect of it is to look and listen for affirmations like do I build you up to do I give you credit for work that you do. Do I compliment the things that you do and tell you why what you did matters people want to know that the work that they do really makes a difference and so affirmations are your handshakes, your fist bumps, your high fives, your kudos, whatever program you have, you want to make note of who is saying it, and what are they saying. If all of the affirmations are at a boy, at a girl, then you haven’t added any extra real value to it, and you haven’t really determined if there’s a shared mutual commitment because you see, in a cohesion culture what you’re looking for is belonging, value, and shared mutual commitment, that is a cohesion culture, that is the strategic framework that you look for.

When those three elements are present, you get cohesion. So listen and look for greetings. Listen and look for laughter. Listen and look for affirmations. They can go to the website at that’s dr troy hall that’s 10 letters and if you look at any social media platform, you’ll find me at dr troy hall. So it’ll be really easy to figure out where to get me, and if you connect with me at any point in time, I’m happy to reach back out to you, and I always want to say this. I like to help people and not every conversation is a sales lead the first book is collision culture-proven principles to retain your top talent and the next book is Fanny rules of others leadership lessons that never grow old both of those books were best-selling titles and Fannie roles actually was number one in business and professional humor. I hope it was a yummy experience for you it was certainly great for me.

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