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How to Overcome Anxiety in Business – Howard Berg, World’s Fastest Reader

How to Overcome Anxiety in Business – Howard Berg, World’s Fastest Reader

How to Overcome Anxiety in Business

  1. The unconscious brain does not understand negatives
  2. The brain is not good at negation, it’s good at construction
  3. Focus on the opposite, the blissful and calm state
  4. Don’t undo it, create the opposite
  5. Create the pattern you want to live with
  6. Don’t be influenced by other people, be smart and think for yourself

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I read a lot had college reading when I was 11. I went to the state university of New York Binghamton when I was 17 to major in Biology and in the second half of my junior year I get interested in the brain and how it works and learning and there’s a branch of Biology called Psychobiology, not Psychotic Biology that’s Frankenstein Psychobiology is the Biology of Behavior.

Most people I meet today often are struggling particularly with the virus. There’s a lot of fear, there’s a lot of tension, there’s a lot of anxiety, depression. It’s really high in the world, not just here. One of the problems people have is they try to stop being depressed. Stop being anxious. It doesn’t work the unconscious brain does not understand negatives. I can control your mind right now. I’m doing it and you can’t stop me.

‘Don’t think of Mickey Mouse eating pizza.’ That’s the first thing that you think of. When you say the word don’t, ‘don’t be nervous,’ your brain hears ‘be nervous.’ Don’t be depressed, your brain hears ‘be depressed.’ That’s how the brain is wired. So how do you get rid of it if you can’t negate it.

The brain is not good at negation. It’s good at construction. Don’t focus on your state of depression or anxiety. Focus on how blissful and calm you are even when you’re not. See anxiety and depression don’t exist. This space is not depressed. There’s no depression, it’s in here. You’re creating it on your thoughts when you think about it, it gives it life, it vivifies it, you fertilize it. How you kill it is to focus on the opposite the blissful state the calm state even when it isn’t there. You’re creating it. You created the depression you. Created the anxiety by thinking about it. You’re just doing what you just did in reverse. Don’t try to undo it. Create the opposite. What happens is, over time your habit switches to the positive and it gets stronger and stronger. The less you focus on the negative state, it atrophies. It never existed to begin with. It only existed because you focused on it and became conscious of it. As you’re ignoring it and you’re building on what you actually want in your life, that grows like a flower that’s been fertilized and the negative state is like a weed that’s been deprived of nutrition and over time it’s not like one day and now you’re blissful. You’ve built these bad patterns up.

Over time there are neural pathways that are firing that you created a reinforcement to with time these new pathways become stronger and the negative pathway to it totally atrophies and it becomes non-existent and if you focus on the state you want to create the pattern you want to live with the old state and pattern will go away and you’ll be in a much better place and i just wanted to mention my programs are at bird learning dot com bird learning dot com and we help you if you need help and i help when they can’t help i’m a rotary president you can see my banner we make sure that you learn what you paid for we help kids get higher grades to deliver you to their 40 because they never finish school or could get a good enough job to pay their loans off you know businesses make more money because everything they do is based on what they know and every decision is based on information you can learn more imagine read a book a day every day in an hour for a year 365 new skills what would you do to your business let me help seniors i’m 72. the old seniors stay mentally fit no one’s accusing me of being mentally feeble because i use my head i use it i’m learning i’m writing i’m creating i’m keeping myself occupied and as long as you use that brain it grows when you sit and drool in front of a tv that’s when your brain is going to become drool so that’s what we teach how to read faster and learn how to eliminate writer’s block i wrote a book in five hours in one day and the next day they went number one on amazon we teach how to overcome writer’s clock memory and speed math so these are great and we have professionals for students and for kids so please check it out it’ll change your life the world’s in trouble we need people who can think people will understand don’t be influenced by what other people tell you to think and believe you need to be smart enough to think for yourself and that comes from learning and learning more than one perspective and analyzing and seeing where the truth is it’s like jesus said the truth sets you free and if you don’t have truth you’re living a lie so my goal is to empower people to go to the next level become successful make more money have a better life and ultimately we make a better world with smarter people making better decisions than the ones we’re seeing now hopefully you’ll go to my website and i’ll help you i can’t go there for you but i will help you if you take that step that’s really why i’m here today to help make a better world that’s my goal.

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