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How to Optimize YouTube Videos for your Small Business

How to Optimize YouTube Videos for your Small Business
  1. Add keywords to video title and description (try Ubersuggest)
  2. Create playlists to increase watch time
  3. Optimize your video thumbnails
  4. Make engaging content

Hi everyone, my name is Lina Mateus from Digi-Clicks. Today I want to show you how to optimize your YouTube channel. But first, let me tell you why YouTube is important for your business. Did you know viewers said they are two times more likely to buy something they saw on YouTube, and over 70 percent of viewers say that YouTube makes them more aware of new brands? Viewers are four times more likely to use YouTube versus other platforms just to find information about a brand, a product, or even a service. The numbers don’t lie and I think YouTube will be a great resource for you to improve or promote your brand. Let’s start with the tips to optimize your YouTube channel.

The first one is title and descriptions. It is really important that you add keywords on these two fields of your video. Why? Because YouTube is now considered a search engine, so keywords are a must in order to have a good ranking. I really recommend that you guys use different websites like for example Uber Suggest, because there you can get a lot of ideas of keywords that you can integrate on your title under title or the description of your video. So keep that in mind when you are adding information to this field.

The second tip to optimize your YouTube channel is going to be the playlist. I don’t know if you are informed about this, but the watch time on YouTube is a great way to improve your rankings. And of course when you create content on YouTube you want people to watch it, right? When you create playlists of the actual videos that you already have on your channel, this helps to increase the watch time. Why? Because when a viewer is on YouTube trying to see different information or content that you have, and you have a playlist created for them, they are most likely to keep seeing your videos or your content instead of going and finding something else.

The third tip to optimize your YouTube channel is about thumbnails. They are a great way to improve your branding. Basically, you can design a piece of any graphic and add it to your thumbnail on your video. So when people go and visit a simple video or your entire channel, they will be able to get your brand from the beginning. I think thumbnails is a great way or a great search to improve your branding on.

The last but it doesn’t mean the least important tip to optimize your YouTube channel is going to be with content. Content is going to be always the most important thing when you create a video. Why? Because basically that is what is going to engage the audience to keep seeing the information that you are sharing, or just to follow you or even get one of your services of products. Content is one of the most difficult things that people like developing right now. I really encourage any business to have a strategy first in regards of content.

I want to share on YouTube because if you do have a strategy, the conversions or the results are going to be so much better since the content is going to have a goal or a reason to be. I really encourage you to pay a lot of attention to content and that you spend most of this time on creating content that is going to be useful for your viewers. For example, reviews about your products or your services, videos about how to use your products or your services, why your services or products are important. Try to make it very dynamic, very original in that way. When people are watching your video they wouldn’t feel bored, and they will feel really engaged with what you are showing. I hope this video helps you optimize your YouTube channel. As I said YouTube is a great tool to promote your brand and services so take advantage of it and start recording your videos.

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Lina Mateus
Lina Mateus

Founder and CEO of Digi-Clicks, attended Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia where she obtained a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing in 2010. She went on to obtain a Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Business. Upon completion, she began her career at Consorte Marketing in NYC as Associate Marketing Manager, primarily dedicating her time to affiliation campaigns and web analytics. She later moved on to work for Mattel Inc. There she worked as a Digital Associate focused on content creation and optimization of media channels including content marketing strategy, SEO Optimization, and promotional content. In 2013, Lina began working for Comcast as a Research Analyst responsible for performing market research and analyzing transactional history and purchase patterns in order to provide recommendations to promote strategic efforts and impact sales effectiveness. Lina is the mother of Baby Ben and Olivia, a running fanatic, and a professional FOODIE! Website: Digi-Clicks

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