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How to Avoid Burnout, Stay Focused & Maintain Work Life Balance – Angela Santi, The Dolce VITA Lifestyle Designer

How to Avoid Burnout, Stay Focused & Maintain Work Life Balance – Angela Santi, The Dolce VITA Lifestyle Designer

How to Stay Focused & Maintain Work Life Balance

  1. Identify who defines the priority
  2. Schedule time for friends, family, food & fun
  3. Say no 4-5 times per day
  4. Schedule activity blocks
  5. Leverage the power of routines

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I am a business and lifestyle consultant known as the Dolce Vita Lifestyle Designer. What I do is I empower passionate, overloaded high achievers and successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and experts worldwide to scale their business while avoiding burnout and living La Dolce Vita, “the sweet life” instead.

First thing I would say when you define your priorities for the day, for the week, ask yourself, “Who is defining this priority?” Is it a priority of mine, or is it a priority of somebody else? Then, when you schedule your week make sure that every day, there is at least five ten minutes, even if you can, an hour or more of I call “the four ‘F’ times.” It’s friends, family, food, and fun.

This is mandatory. Schedule this before everything else so that you reduce the time you are working. Why? Because the more time you have to complete your task, the more time you will use. If you compress your time, you stay much more focused, and then you know that you have a reward when you have finished. Your mind is looking forward to that reward, so it’s easier to say no to everything that is distracting you, to get to that reward.

Another thing that I would say: start to say “no” at minimum four or five a day. No to distraction. No to yourself when you are diverting from what you’re doing. No to other people. You can say no in many creative ways so that you create boundaries.

Again be super focused in what you are doing. Talking about focus, I am not at all a fan of to-do lists, because to-do lists can be super frustrating if you don’t mark out all the tasks. So what I prefer to do, and what I encourage your audience to do is to just schedule activity blocks and do as much as you can during that block. Schedule also between one activity and the other “distraction time” so that you can deal with this distraction during that moment, and it’s planned. It’s not wasted and it must be like 10 minutes 15 minutes and when this time is over you have to stop.

The last thing, again, try to make do as many things as possible on autopilot. Leverage the power of routines.

Find me online on my linkedin profile, Angela Santi, or on my website,

I’m super thrilled and super happy to be your guest today and thanks again for having me.

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