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How to Import your Contacts into a CRM in 2 Minutes

It’s hard for small business owners and entrepreneurs like us to find time to work on our businesses because we’re so busy working in our businesses. I know, that sound trite, but hear me out.

I took a shortcut some years ago when I started my digital marketing company. I offered private label services to several other agencies. Before I knew it, I had TONS of clients. I thought I was doing well, but I was just spinning my wheels. I gave up control over my client onboarding process and burned the midnight oil working on projects that I didn’t like. There’s more to this story, but my main lesson was to be intentional about the clients I accept.

You can be intentional about growing your business too. One way to do that is by putting your contacts into a CRM. This just means that you can put your contacts into a database, where you can sort and filter them. For example, you can prioritize those people who you can (and want to) help the most.

Start by exporting the contacts from your phone into a spreadsheet that you can then import into a CRM. My colleague, Pete Romano is the founder of Segwik CRM, a  platform tailored to the needs of small businesses. In under two minutes, Pete will show you how to export your contacts so you can start connecting with people through SMS, email, and other methods.

If you like Pete’s videos and want to try the Segwik CRM, then sign up for a basic account

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Dennis Consorte
Dennis Consorte

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