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How to Delegate to a Remote Team, Nicole Grinnell, Bosun

How to Delegate to a Remote Team, Nicole Grinnell, Bosun

How to Delegate to a Remote Team, Nicole Grinnell, Bosun

  1. Communicate
  2. Set Expectations

Nicole Grinnell is the founder of Bosun Solutions, a woman-owned remote staffing company based in the United States. Here she shares a simple Snackable Solution: how to delegate to your remote team.

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For people that have now been forced to go into remote life, managing a remote team is very different than an office. So, we are having to coach clients who haven’t done that before, and really help them understand how to delegate remotely when you don’t have that person sitting outside your desk.

So I think delegation is something that all business owners struggle with, and so there’s just two things honestly that I think you need. You just need to communicate and set expectations.

I can’t tell you how many people are frustrated, and it’s not working, and I’ll say, “Have you communicated this to them?”

Do they understand that the expectation was not really okay? We can’t hold somebody to an expectation that we haven’t communicated to them. So even at a very first step, communicate what you’re looking to get done.

Set the expectation around that and the rest will start snowballing from there. So you can check us out at Bosun Solutions which is b-o-s-u-n. You can submit your form through there. We’d love to offer your listeners a wave of the onboarding fee, which is essentially a $300 value. If they put in there they came from snackable Solutions, we will waive that for them.

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