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Why People Need Fast Learning & Reading Skills During The Great Resignation

Many people quit their jobs during The Great Resignation to upskill for new careers. Fast reading comprehension makes this possible. Guinness World Record holder Howard Berg guides the audience at Snackable Solutions on how to begin.

While locked down, many workers have reconsidered their personal and professional priorities. Many jobs have been displaced through automation, and many more will follow. People are realizing that they need to learn new skills if they are to survive in the economy of the future. One way to upskill is by reading coursework and other materials. This can be difficult to balance with working fulltime to pay bills. For this reason, reading comprehension, fast reading, and fast learning are necessary for an improved chance at success. In an interview with Snackable Solutions, Guinness World Record holder for reading speed, Howard Berg shared several tips that workers can use in their studies.

According to Berg, people often follow the wrong framework for improved reading comprehension. Textbooks are often organized with study notes listed after the bulk of the course material. Berg suggests reading the notes first. Reviewing a general outline of what you’re about to read, before digging into the details puts the content into context. This makes comprehension much easier, according to Berg. He also suggested that improving one’s emotional intelligence could help with reading comprehension.

Berg said, “EQ (emotional quotient) is about focusing on what you want, not where you are.”

Social Perception and Emotional Intelligence Improve Reading Comprehension

Social perception is an aspect of emotional intelligence. It describes one’s ability to identify and utilize social cues to make judgments about hierarchies, relationships, contexts, and other attributes of nonverbal communication. High social intelligence has been associated with high reading comprehension and listening comprehension (Froiland, J.M., Davison, M.L. Emotional Intelligence, Listening Comprehension, and Reading Comprehension among Diverse Adolescents. J Child Fam Stud 29, 1385–1390, 2020). In his extended interview with Snackable Solutions, Berg provides insight into emotional intelligence and other tactics for fast reading. He also provided a technique for overcoming anxiety that may get in the way of improved reading comprehension.

A record 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in November 2021. Many of them want to switch careers entirely. This can be a difficult journey, and reading skills may help a lot.

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