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I am the founder at Fuest & Klein. We work with clients to help them achieve their goals. I also do this with the students I teach at Fordham University Graduate School. I absolutely love what I do and would not change my job for anything. Our approach is to apply a complimentary blend of technology and service, so you get the experience you are looking for: seamless, transparent, and abundant. We work with all types of investors, and we only have one requirement: you work with us to achieve your goals. We are redefining the client expectation around service in the wealth management industry.

Website: Fuest & Klein Wealth Advisors

Have you ever wished your business was more efficient and more organized? Do you dream of automatic notifications when a client fills out a form, or purchases a product? Do you want your employees to receive better reminders, increasing productivity and ultimately profitability? If you answered "yes" to any of these, you have the CRM bug. I can help you with a cure.

Website: Segwik CRM

Founder and CEO of Digi-Clicks, attended Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia where she obtained a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing in 2010. She went on to obtain a Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Business.

Upon completion, she began her career at Consorte Marketing in NYC as Associate Marketing Manager, primarily dedicating her time to affiliation campaigns and web analytics. She later moved on to work for Mattel Inc. There she worked as a Digital Associate focused on content creation and optimization of media channels including content marketing strategy, SEO Optimization, and promotional content. In 2013, Lina began working for Comcast as a Research Analyst responsible for performing market research and analyzing transactional history and purchase patterns in order to provide recommendations to promote strategic efforts and impact sales effectiveness. Lina is the mother of Baby Ben and Olivia, a running fanatic, and a professional FOODIE!

Website: Digi-Clicks

Our country’s political landscape is polarized to the point that we rarely hear each other. Larry Sharpe has traveled the country, and has personally visited every county in New York, listening to people’s concerns. The Sharpe Way is a show where answers, solutions and common ground can be found so that together we can forge a way forward. He provides training, coaching and consulting in many industries including: finance, law, technology, media, retail, real estate, luxury, government and healthcare. He has trained and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, lawyers and reps from dozens of companies all over the world.

Website: The Sharpe Way

I work at Consorte Marketing as a fulltime content strategist, digital marketing and operations consultant for a handful of clients. I am also a digital marketing expert at I often build teams to execute on these strategies, and agile frameworks for workflows, inspired by Scrum. I work to improve my leadership and communication skills, including periodically re-centering myself, and helping others to find purpose in their work.

Dennis Consorte