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How to Develop a Wolf Pack Out of a Group of Lone Wolves – Chris Lalomia, Founder of The Trusted Toolbox

Develop a Wolf Pack Out of a Group of Lone Wolves – Chris Lalomia, Founder of The Trusted Toolbox

How to Develop a Wolf Pack Out of a Group of Lone Wolves

  1. Building culture and providing great customer service
  2. Operations and processes: How to use and do things correctly
  3. Give them some new tool, technique, trick to make their lives easier

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I was really enjoying in the corporate world. I was in the corporate zoo but they kept me intoxicated. I was making a lot of money and was moving up the corporate ladder. But I just wasn’t really fulfilled and I definitely want to do something. I could be passionate about the use of the disk profile to identify characters and behaviors and also communication styles. I learned a lot more about how to communicate with each one and from there you can figure out. I had people who were you just give me the task boss and I’m going to knock it out and I had the other ones who said let me go think with you for a little while and then we’ll develop the process together. Everybody had their strengths and weaknesses but I started to play to them in a communication style and you started to see that somebody that maybe you would have said this person’s not a good fit for this role . They’re not a thinker like I am they’re just a doer. I started to realize as I gave this doer more and more. She took more and more off my plate.

My snackable solution comes from training and I truly believe this is industry agnostic but the training that we have put in place has transformed my business from a culture from a people a process and the technology component how do we do it? We know that getting people together in a training environment for people who aren’t used to training so there are computer programmers, carpenters and electricians. These are people who didn’t want to go to school; they don’t want to sit in a classroom. You got to hold their attention so what we do is we have a short one-hour training session every other Wednesday or at least twice a month. In that session we do three things; the first thing is the thing I want which is building culture and providing that great customer service that makes our customers keep coming back. We talk about customer experience and customer service and what we do is we tell a story first engage their skilled trade brain and then tell them what we want. They digest it, then on the operational and the processes how to get paid and how to fill out your timesheet or in our case we use iPad and tablets to go out into businesses. The customers have to sign those how to use those correctly maybe never used them before and if you guys do that right you make more money.

The last thing if we don’t do this then we give them some new tool, some new technique or some new trick whether it be a way to do a better deck or this is the way to finish drywall better. This is a better way to manage your finances and you’re giving back to them in doing that and making their life and their job easier. These guys will then take all three of those things and they’ll go forth and they’ll do what you want them to do which is they’re the face of your company. Taking care of your customers and as they say happy customers come from happy employees.

You need to get those happy employees understanding where you’re going what they’re part of how they need to do it why it’s better for them and then lastly this is how I’m going to make your life easier and you are going to be able to go provide for your families. You can find me a number ways so I’m on Instagram I’m called the customer service dot freak you can find my name as Chris Lalomia on Facebook. You can also email me Chris at and I have a number of websites out there the is one way the and then we also have our website for our podcast the safari podcast.

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