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W.H.Y. More People Should Follow You Online – Marci Barker, Fun and Sustainable Fitness

W.H.Y. More People Should Follow You Online – Marci Barker, Fun and Sustainable Fitness

Know Your Business Purpose to Gain Followers

  1. What information are you going to share?
  2. How are you demonstration that you are expert in your field?
  3. Yes. The perfect way to get people agree with you.

Why should more people follow you online? I’m Mercy Barker and I’m here to help you define how you’re going to get your message out there in the world. I’m a life and fitness coach and i started my business called Fun and Sustainable Fitness in September of 2015.In the first year my programs grew to almost every state in the country and guess what, it was all because of social media. Word of mouth is super important and I don’t want you to underestimate the power of a free platform called social media. With a fun acronym of W.H.Y I’m going to help you figure out exactly why more people should follow you online.

Let’s get started, the W stands for what what information are you going to share with your clientele, with your followers, with your subscribers. What is it that they want to know. What information do they need to get, from point A to point B. Some examples of what information I shared as I grew was what equipment do I need to work out? What’s in my food? what sort of time commitment am I looking at, to lose 10 pounds? What do I need to know when it comes to making shopping lists or going to the grocery store. I want you to take a minute, pause this video and write down as many what’s as possible. When you do this, you are brainstorming all of the different pieces of your business that you can provide to your customers as solutions. This ‘what’ content, is what is going to draw people in and engage, and follow, and subscribe, and want more from you.

The next letter is H, that stands for ‘how how are you demonstrating that you are the authority or expert in your field.’ One of the ways that I showed, how I was doing this was showing live workouts. I was showing before and after photos of my clients. I was showing how to make meals. I was showing what my process was, when I was purchasing bread in the grocery aisle. I want you to take a moment, pause this video and write down all the ways you will demonstrate how you are an expert in your field.

The last letter is Y and it stands for ‘Yes.’ This is the perfect way to get people to agree with you, because what happens when people agree with you, they believe they need you in their life. They will like, they will follow, they will share, and they will convert when they agree that your message is what they need. And say yes as many times as possible. You’re gonna see an increase in your following in your revenue and your message. Yes is the most important thing you can remember when creating content online. If it is not pushing the person from point A to point B with your expertise the audience is not going to stick. I would love for you to take a moment to pause this video, and think of different calls to action that people can demonstrate to agree with you or say yes. Some examples are: download my free book; or get my macro guide; or take my free quiz. When people say yes that’s engagement. That helps you grow and helps you expose your message to more people.

The bottom line is why should more people follow you on social media? You have a purpose. You have a plan. You have a reason for doing what you’re doing. If you can remember W.H.Y., you’re going to see an increase in all areas of your business. And that is your Snackable Solution for today.

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