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UX Best Practices for Website Design

UX Best Practices for Website Design
  1. Easy Navigation
  2. Error Prevention and Error Recovery
  3. Mobile and Desktop Design

Hi my name is Lina Mateus and my smackable solution is UX best practices when designing your website. Let’s start with the first UX best practice, easy navigation. Navigation is key to provide an easy flow to your website which will allow your users to find what they are looking for. A good example of navigation is to have all the options that your user might need on the main menu. As you see here, we have an extra bar on top that will drive the users to the Instagram or YouTube accounts, and also the contact link. Contact information is a great example of navigation.

The second UX best practice is error prevention and error recovery. Users will make mistakes on your website and it is your job to assure that they can recover from that mistake in a quick and easy way. Even go further and prevent the service from your user so that users won’t be frustrated and leave your website. A good example of error prevention is in your ‘contact me’ page. Here you might need the user to provide information that is important for you. So if you mark these fields as ‘required’, you will have that information and your user will be contacted by you. This is a good example of error prevention.

Finally let’s talk about mobile and desktop design. Even though desktop designs can be adapted for mobile, both devices provide excellent tools for UX that should be taken advantage of. Instead of thinking of designing on desktop and then translating to mobile, design them with their individual platforms in mind. Here’s an example i want to show you. This page is on the desktop view. As you see, we have a pictures with some descriptions and then we have some options here. Another section offering different services or products if we see this on mobile. Here you can tell that we are showing the same information but in a different layout. Here we are basically providing information in a user-friendly way for mobile. As you see, we use the same information but we design the information in a different way for both platforms.

Make sure to take in consideration these three best practices when you are designing your website: easy navigation, error prevention and error recovery, mobile and desktop.

Lina Mateus. If you like my snackable solution then please subscribe or share this video with a small business owner that might need it. Or just feel free to reach out to me at Digi-Clicks.

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Lina Mateus
Lina Mateus

Founder and CEO of Digi-Clicks, attended Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia where she obtained a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing in 2010. She went on to obtain a Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Business. Upon completion, she began her career at Consorte Marketing in NYC as Associate Marketing Manager, primarily dedicating her time to affiliation campaigns and web analytics. She later moved on to work for Mattel Inc. There she worked as a Digital Associate focused on content creation and optimization of media channels including content marketing strategy, SEO Optimization, and promotional content. In 2013, Lina began working for Comcast as a Research Analyst responsible for performing market research and analyzing transactional history and purchase patterns in order to provide recommendations to promote strategic efforts and impact sales effectiveness. Lina is the mother of Baby Ben and Olivia, a running fanatic, and a professional FOODIE! Website: Digi-Clicks

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