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How to know if your startup is failing

Not Hitting Your Numbers. If you want your startup to succeed, then you need to make data-driven decisions. Start by setting weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals for your company. These performance metrics may include revenue goals, the number of new customers you’ve acquired, your cost per customer acquisition, traffic to your website, or anything else that’s measurable.

If your numbers are flat or declining, then it may be a sign that your startup is failing. Stay mindful of seasonality, and adjust your tactics to try to reverse the trend. If you can’t get your numbers moving in the opposite direction then it may be time to consider your options.

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Dennis Consorte
Dennis Consorte

I work at Consorte Marketing as a fulltime content strategist, digital marketing and operations consultant for a handful of clients. I am also a digital marketing expert at I often build teams to execute on these strategies, and agile frameworks for workflows, inspired by Scrum. I work to improve my leadership and communication skills, including periodically re-centering myself, and helping others to find purpose in their work. Dennis Consorte

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