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Try This Unique SEO Performance KPI When Measuring ROI

Measure Keyword Theme Rankings & Traffic. Many marketers have a hard time with proving a return on investment for search engine optimization (SEO). Results vary depending on algorithms that are out of your control. You can invest in link-building and content creation, but it can take time for results to show, if any. And, you can focus a lot of time, money, and energy on specific keywords and see no traction when you measure their performance directly. Your key performance indicators (KPIs) could appear stagnant for months, making stakeholders and clients lose patience before results come to fruition. Fortunately, there is a unique SEO performance KPI that can help.

Instead of just tracking each keyword and phrase individually, try grouping them into themes that contain several related key phrases. Then, track rankings across the theme in aggregate, as well as estimated traffic to related landing pages. For example, you might want to rank for “ice cream” yet despite all effort, you barely move the needle for that exact phrase.

Imagine if you track all key-phrases related to that term. You track vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, rocky road ice cream, and a host of other terms. Then, you aggregate the results into a general KPI for the ice cream keyword theme. This is a much more effective way to measure your results.

Some keywords have much more competition than others, and it can be hard to track slow progress. By tracking themes, you’ll have a better sense of whether your search engine optimization tactics are having a positive impact on your website’s traffic.

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Dennis Consorte
Dennis Consorte

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