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Quick & Easy Business Process Improvement Mindset Tips – Mikey Moran

Quick & Easy Business Process Improvement Mindset Tips – Mikey Moran

How to Improve Business Processes Fast & Easy

Sustain the growth of your business by making 1% improvement.

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In 2018 we made 278 in INC 500. In 2019 we made 535 and that’s with zero funding, very very small initial investment and a whole lot of hard work and sacrifice.

When I started this business, I said okay I’m gonna do things different, I’m gonna take my time, I’m gonna do things the right way and it definitely worked out.

So my Snackable Solution is, if you focus on growing your business and really focusing on the one percent, how to improve your business one percent, it’s going to grow exponentially over time, because you’re going to reach a certain level in business where you’re going to make some changes and it’s not like you can just grow your business 50 every single year. Maybe you can but it’s not really realistic.

So once you get to seven figures especially, you have to start without you know a huge influx of money. You have to look at your core business and everything else related to it and you have to start asking yourself and you have to be honest very honest with yourself about this, because most people like, oh yeah this is fine and this is fine but in reality it probably is okay but it could be better and you’re gonna have to find that one percent.

So I talk to my team all the time about hey this is what we’re doing and you know what we’re doing a great job, our clients are happy but what can we do what kind of just one percent difference can we make with what we’re doing that’s going to make a change and make them even a little bit happier and then you’re going to find that there’s all these different parts of your business really there’s hundreds of parts of your business that you can focus on that one percent and make these little changes. Even on a website if you get into conversion rate optimization which is highly important these days because of the ios updates so the higher facebook and instagram ad spends. Focusing on the conversion rate optimization just for your website with a b testing and looking for those small wins. I have a team that does that for us at private label and it’s just week after week it’s some small difference in change that they can make on the website and you can do that with all aspects of your business. So if you can focus on improving just one percent making these one percent differences within all these different sectors of your business. Your business combined interest will grow rapidly.

Most people find me, you can find me on my website, Instagram @moranmiki and you can just search mikey moran on google i pop up nowadays, which is kind of cool. Shoot me a message if you have any questions or especially if you grab the book, make sure you tag me on Instagram, so i can share it. It’s amazing and but yeah that’s about it.

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