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Avoid Coffee When You Wake Up: Do This Instead – Riley Jarvis, The Sleep Consultant

Avoid Coffee When You Wake Up: Do This Instead – Riley Jarvis, The Sleep Consultant

Avoid Coffee When You Wake Up: Do This Instead – Riley Jarvis, The Sleep Consultant

Many people start their day with a cup of coffee as soon as they wake up. Riley Jarvis, sleep consultant breaks down why you shouldn’t do that, when you should have your first cup of coffee, and what to do instead when you get out of bed. Start your day full of energy that lasts, live healthier, and get higher quality sleep.

  • Recognize that you lose one liter of water overnight, just through your breath. Coffee is a diuretic, which further dehydrates you.
  • Drink 1 liter of water when you wake up, and add some Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Add lemon for flavor.
  • Drink your first cup of coffee 90 minutes after waking up, to give your cortisol levels time to go down before consuming caffeine.

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I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, which is inflammation of the bowels. I went downhill pretty quickly after that, was bedridden, forced to quit my job, and forced to quit some extra courses I was doing through school. I hit rock bottom and it was at this point that side effects and medication weren’t doing anything for me. So I felt like my back was up against the wall. I had to take health into my own hands.

My Snackable Solution would be this. When we wake up first thing in the morning, we lose about one liter of water from our breath alone. Because of this, we just wake up naturally dehydrated. What do most people do is they go straight to the coffee. That’s a diuretic, and that’s actually going to dehydrate us even more. Here’s what you do instead.

When you first wake up, drink about one liter of water, and you can put in some pink Himalayan sea salt. This has electrolytes inside of it—potassium, magnesium. After that you can put in some lemon. Then, we want to drink our first cup of coffee 90 minutes after we wake up. The reason is because our cortisol is at its highest level, and we don’t want to have that caffeine while our cortisol is at its peak. We want to wait about 90 minutes, when it starts coming down a bit. Then we get the caffeine hit and we’ll be in a really good place. The people that try it for a week or two—they feel way better in the morning.

You can go to On there you can get a free sleep questionnaire to see where you’re at, and customized solutions that you can start implementing right away. You can also reach me directly at my email Riley r-i-l-e-y at the

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