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How to Stay Healthy as a Small Business Owner – Marci Barker, Fun and Sustainable Fitness

How to Stay Healthy as a Small Business Owner – Marci Barker, Fun and Sustainable Fitness

The Four Basics of Health Are:

  1. Sleep
  2. Self-Care
  3. Water Intake
  4. Movement

The only way to truly be successful in life and business is to have a healthy body that allows you to follow through with what you know you need to do. There are four basics of health: sleep, self-care, water intake, and movement. My name is Marcy Barker. I’m a life and fitness coach and I help people shift habits with exercise, nutrition, and mindset.

The basics of health are basics for a reason. I’m going to break down each of the four basics and help you understand why they are critical for you to see success in your life. The very first one is sleep. The general recommendation for sleep is seven hours a night. However quality is more important than quantity. Usually with my clients I stress the importance of getting a consistent nighttime and a rise routine. So if you’re struggling with sleep understand that a lot of the habits you have are playing into your quality. The next one is self-care. Self-care is the ability to put yourself first for a few minutes a day. It’s the difference between distraction and development. Self-care is your way of saying, “I’m important” which means everything else in my life is important. But if you neglect yourself it’s going to take a toll on every other aspect of your life. For self-care I recommend journaling, meditating, walking, spending time with people that you care about, and ultimately putting yourself in a state of self reflection so that you can make the next best decision for your life and your business. The next one is water intake. This is sort of a no-brainer. We know we need to drink water but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy, and no, soda or pop does not count towards your water intake. The general recommendation for water is 64 ounces per day or half your body weight in ounces. Water is important and even though it’s not always easy to drink, it’s important to recognize that water makes every other function of your body successful. If you’re not getting hydrated you’re going to make horrible food decisions. You’re not going to have clear thinking and you’re going to feel lethargic more often than not. So find a water bottle that you love and start tracking how much water you’re drinking. The very last basic of health is movement. It’s called movement for a reason. You don’t have to be in the gym hours upon hours a week but you do need to move your body in a way that feels good. Not only is your body the vessel for your soul and your spirit, but it also has an impact on how you function every single day—how you appear, how you show up, and how you’re able to produce.

If you want to be successful in life and business don’t forget those four basics: sleep, self-care, water intake, and movement. As a life and fitness coach and a business owner and a mom, I know that it’s super important to take care of myself first because everything else I do in life depends on my ability to show up.

If you want to learn more, I have a book called, “The Accountability Code: Wake Up and Show Up.” You can go to the notes below this video or go to

Ultimately you are your most important investment, so don’t ever forget how important the basics of health are. Alright, we’ll see you guys later for another Snackable Solution.

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