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A Futureproof Job Role You Can Try

Every New Business Needs a Project Manager. Entrepreneurs have an abundance of brilliant ideas that they want to incorporate into their businesses. The problem is organizing and implementing them. Without a talented and dedicated project manager, great ideas often get lost, too many things become a “priority” and few projects actually get done.

By contrast, when you have a great project manager on staff, you can organize the chaos. They’ll know the right questions to ask, in order to arrange tasks and projects by urgency and importance. When multiple projects begin to compete for scarce resources, they’ll build out an action plan to accomplish tangible goals and product releases. This is a far better experience than juggling too many projects that never get done.

If you want a futureproof job, then consider project management as a career path. These skills will transfer easily when you’re ready to switch to an entrepreneurial path and start your own business.

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Dennis Consorte
Dennis Consorte

I work at Consorte Marketing as a fulltime content strategist, digital marketing and operations consultant for a handful of clients. I am also a digital marketing expert at I often build teams to execute on these strategies, and agile frameworks for workflows, inspired by Scrum. I work to improve my leadership and communication skills, including periodically re-centering myself, and helping others to find purpose in their work. Dennis Consorte

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