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How to Increase Your Employment Application Response Rate

Leave Hiring Managers Curious to Know More. Chances are that you’re competing against many other viable candidates who look almost exactly like you on paper. So, you need to make yourself stand out. One way to differentiate your profile from others is by leaving the hiring manager curious to know more. You do this by touching on interesting stories from your professional life, without sharing all of the details, or the final outcomes. If one of those stories resonates with the hiring manager, the cliffhanger you leave them with will make them curious enough to contact you, if for no other reason than to learn how the story ended.

If you do get the interview, then consider the position from an owner’s perspective. Plan ahead, so that you can communicate the value you will bring to the company that’s different from what other candidates might have to offer. And, do more showing than telling.

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Dennis Consorte
Dennis Consorte

I work at Consorte Marketing as a fulltime content strategist, digital marketing and operations consultant for a handful of clients. I am also a digital marketing expert at I often build teams to execute on these strategies, and agile frameworks for workflows, inspired by Scrum. I work to improve my leadership and communication skills, including periodically re-centering myself, and helping others to find purpose in their work. Dennis Consorte

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