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How to Attract GenZ and Millennials to your Business

How to Choose a Social Media Platform for your Business
  1. Have a clear purpose—how are you going to change something for someone
  2. Have a community with a clear who and a clear why
  3. Be welcoming, easy, and inclusive rather than too corporate, elite, or powerful
  4. Have an ask that shows that someone is part of the community

Hey it’s Larry Sharpe here and I want to talk to you about something that might really matter for you a lot right now. That’s how in the world can you get your brand to resonate with the younger audience—the Millennials and the Gen Z’s. Let me tell you three things your brand needs to have to resonate with the Gen Z’s and Millennials because if it doesn’t, what’s going to happen to your brand? What’s going to happen to your company? Okay, let me give you three things that have to happen. That’s if you’re rebranding, or if you’re starting new.

Number one, you’ve got to have a clear purpose. You might go, wait a minute! I’ve got a clear purpose. I’m going to make some money. Or I’m going to sell my thing. No, I don’t mean that. I mean how are you going to change something for others? Larry, I can’t save the world. I’m not asking you to save the world. It doesn’t have to be global or anything like that. It doesn’t have to be environmental. You just need two things. You’ve got to be clear on what’s going to change, and how it’s going to change. They can be in a group. They can be people. They can be a thing. They can be a community. We’re going to changing the way we buy cars. It’s fine. No worries. What thing are we going to change? Changing how people buy rings. All good. What am I going to change, and be clear on how I’m going to change it. Is it going to get better? Is it going to get faster? Is it going to improve what’s going to happen? A clear purpose, and all of a sudden now Millennials go huh. Gen Z’s go huh. look at this. Purpose is important. A clear what’s going to change, and a clear how it’s going to change. Big or small community doesn’t matter. Something’s going to change. Otherwise, why bother?

Second part. I need community. Yeah, I need a purpose, and I need community. What’s community? That’s a clear who and a clear why. If you’re a young person looking to do. If you’re an older person looking to feel. If you’re somebody looking to do something. I need a clear who and a clear why. Look at your business and see who does it connect to, and why? What are these people trying to do? How can they get together and feel like they’re one? So purpose and community. If you give them that, man they can’t wait to jump on board. They got purpose. They got community. They have it online, they’ve got to have it at your company too. And that’s whether you want them to work for you, or whether you want them to buy your product. More importantly, whether you want them to market for you. If you’re in that Gen Z or Millennial world they need to be marketing for you. No purpose, no community, no marketing. Unless you have lots of money. If you’ve got lots of money, you’re not watching me. So clearly you don’t have the the billions of dollars required to not need to watch me. But you’re watching me, you don’t have billions. Since you don’t have billions, get purpose or get community.

Last it’s got to be welcoming. That may sound weird or silly. If it looks too corporate, if it looks too elite, if it looks too strong and too powerful, they don’t like it. It’s got to look welcoming. That is a specific way that people can get involved. It’s got to be easy and inclusive. If it’s not easy and inclusive, it’s not welcoming. That’s it.

There also has to be on top of it an ask—something someone has to do, or say, or show, that says they’re a member. Do they wear the hat? Do they have the pin? Do they say the word? Do they click? Are they a member of the facebook page? Somehow do they do, or say, or act—do something that says, “yeah I’m part of the community.” Apple has a little apple thing. I’m part of the community. That’s welcoming.

It’s got to have purpose. You’ve got to have community. It’s got to be welcoming. If you do those three things, you will find the Gen Z and Millennials much happier to work for you, to buy from you, and to market with you. Even better. Do you like that? Awesome! Share it. Go ahead do that. Click the like. Do that too. Don’t forget also of course, click the link.

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Larry Sharpe
Larry Sharpe

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